Photo shoot for FT article

May 2018: Photo shoot for FT article.

This was an impromptu photo shoot in City offices of Allen & Overy (A&O). Due to the tight time frame, time of the day (lunchtime) and unpredictable weather I had to think on my feet for the locations in which to photograph MaameYaa (senior associate, A&O).

Although A&O’s head office has plenty of potential settings for a photo shoot I ended choosing a couple of places to photograph MaameYaa. I took interior and an exterior photographs and then presented them to the client to review.

I’d chosen other places for the photo shoot but due to timing (lunchtime) and weather (hot and sunny) the square just outside the office was far too busy, so I settled for a quiet(ish) corner near the entrance. I also took a few images inside the offices.

Working around factors such as timing, weather and lack of (client) time is a common theme with photo shoots like these.

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