35mm film project

May 2024 – ongoing: 35mm film double exposure project.

To kick off this project, I used an old Ricoh 35mm film camera which I bought in a local charity shop (about 10 years ago). It was great to use a non-digital camera, it took me back to years ago, before digital photography came along.

I’ve asked a group of friends who are keen about photography, to join me with this project. The results shown in these four photos are from the first film I had developed. The images are unique, random, open to success or failure, depending on how they come out when the film is processed. I was really please with these, the mix of layers and images are interesting to see.

I took the first set of images at a classic car meet in Kent. I love the look and detail on vintage cars, so thought it may work well for this project. Once the film was at the end of its 36 frames of exposures, I rewound it, then opened the back of the camera and reloaded the same film, ready for the second run / set of exposures. The second set of photos taken are of the inside of my car and at a local cafe, ‘Quints Retreat’, which is well worth a visit.

These images are a result of a test run; where I took the first and second set of images. With all other films, I will take the first run of exposures and then pass film onto friends, to load on their cameras (and take a second set of images). They will have no idea what the first set of images are – as this will add to the experimental element of the project.

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