‘Still Here’ Private View

December 2021: ‘Still Here’ Private View at The Hot Tin, Faversham. The exhibition runs from 10th – 19 December.

This is a joint exhibition exploring the idea of capturing moments in time, that would otherwise be forgotten.

Through their different mediums: paint, film and textiles, three artists, Gravel Factory, Talia Parvin and Florence Postgate, try to immortalise one evening spent having dinner together. The exhibition explores how something as mundane as sitting around a table can be ever changing and never the same, and how the clutter that people leave behind can tell us a lot about the people who left it.

There was a good turn out of guests and the event went well. The venue lends itself so well to a variety of uses, including for a Private View. 

Photographing people in an exhibition is always interesting, a lot of the time you aim to get shots of the back or side views of people as they look at the artworks. The venue had a mix of light, which gave its own challenges re photographing the hosts and their guests.

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