Alloy Marketing Collaboration

2021: Alloy Marketing Collaboration logo.

Alloy Marketing Collaboration is a group of consultants, each with different disciplines. We are based in Faversham in Creek Creative Studios and have worked together in various projects over the last 10 years. The collaboration offer a wealth of experience in the areas of communications, marketing, photography, website design and graphic design.

The team consist of: Red Dog Public Relations (Ima Rix), Shore Way Marketing (Liz Jeffery), Beamtwenty3 (Neil Brown) and SMS Creative Services Ltd (myself).

The name ‘alloy’ as it has great connotations (a merge or mix of different elements, or in our case, skills).

The logo design fits around the mix or merge of different elements and needed to be a strong brand. I referenced alloy (metals) as a starting point, showing a joining of different elements, which portrays unity and strength.

Initial ideas below:

There were three design routes, each contains text and an icon. After feedback on designs, further work was carried out on the preferred (option 3), see below:

I have included the various stages of the preferred logo design. Although the design has evolved, we are still unsure about including the words ‘marketing collaboration’ as part of the logo.

The latest version (as above) has had a slight modification on the icon – the white oval shape in the middle was removed. We felt it looked a little like a cartoon eye, in fact, the more I looked at the logo, the more it appeared as an eye. So it was removed. We are considering using a strapline to accompany the logo, this is currently under review.

We decided to put a postcard design together which gives an overview of the services offered. This includes images taken from work commissions. 

Our contact details are on the reverse should people want to contact us. Clients (potential and existing) can contact us for a chat or commission work (on some or all of the services on offer).

Watch this space for further updates…

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