Bubble & squeak invitation

August 2017: Further material for the launch of this amazingly tasty product continues…


I decided to create a neat folding invite for the launch event – with the uncooked bubble & squeak on the front and a photo of one frying in the pan on the inside, then finally, the packaged article(s) on the reverse side.


I kept the text / content short as I felt this would have more impact. In short, I love this tasty product and it never fails to be a big hit with customers at the Gallery Kitchen Cafe in Creek Creative, Faversham in Kent. The client wants to be able to sell her product as a take away purchase rather than only available in meals at the cafe.

Strong image and design was the driving force for this job as I want the imagery and colours, fonts, etc to stand out.

There will be further design work underway such as posters and point of sale material. The launch is in September and all marketing material will be in place for then.

Watch this space for updates and news.

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