Bubble & Squeak!

July 2017: Recently finished a commission to design and produce a batch of sticky labels that I’ve produced for a client (Alsace Baking). The labels are for pots that hold Alsace Baking’s biggest selling product – Bubble & Squeak.


The product is naturally gluten free and suitable for vegans. It is also delicious! The initial quantity produced amounted to 300 sticky labels and are printed on polypropylene gloss material. There will be a further order once stocks start selling (they will be sold locally in Faversham, Kent).


Once the labels arrived and were stuck in place on the pots, Lorraine (at Alsace Baking), asked for a photo shoot to be set up – which took place in the gallery cafe kitchen at Creek Creative in Faversham last Thursday morning (before the cafe opened to the public).



During the design process there was a lot of thought and analysing of the colours, wording and layout of the elements on the circular format. We worked towards setting the right balance of information and instruction. The outcome is that the client is very happy with the look and feel of the design.

I am also pleased with the design and have been asked by Alsace Baking to do further product label designs and to do a photo shoot in early September.

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