CMHA event 2019

February 2019: City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA) event, 13 February 2019 in the City of London.

A&O introduced / hosted The City Mental Health Alliance’s first ‘Thriving at Work’ event. This was presented to a mix of internal and external staff in a Law firm’s Client Dining Room in the City of London.

CMHA’s vision is to help people at all levels to talk about mental health without fear of stigma.

This is a big subject to address; the speakers opened up to the audience with their experiences and accounts. At times the subject matter was very moving. This event was presented by Poppy Jaman OBE (CMHA CEO), Michael Cole-Fonteyn (Chair AFME and former Chair BNY Mellon) and Nigel Jones (Chair CMHA and former Linklaters partner).

The CMHA is championed by senior leaders, the aim is to increase mental health understanding. This is a great way to address this issue as senior leaders will be noticed.

The event ran for two hours (although it seemed like less time than that!)

The event was attended by 140 guests (approx) and the audience listened intently to the host and speakers. The client (host) asked me to provide a couple of images ASAP for posting on social media. All images were provided to the client in high resolution. Images will be added to the company intranet and used within marketing brochures.

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