Day out – photo trip

November 2019: Day out – photo trip (Sevenoaks Nature Reserve) early one November morning!

After deciding to do an early morning photo shoot at a local(ish) nature reserve, Kate, my partner, and I got up at 5.30am on a Saturday in November, picked up our photography kit (packed the night before just in case we’d leave something vital behind) and set off. We met some good friends and enthusiastic photographers there (Paul and Paul). This was impressive as it was still dark when we went to find them.

We strolled around the lake to see if there was anything worth photographing. 10 minutes later we found a good spot, set up and started taking photos just as the sun started to reveal itself through the mist.

Once the thick mist burned off we had the chance to photograph amazing scenes. It was magical light and the setting was  photogenic.

All shots are straight off the camera, no editing whatsoever has been done to them. We all got a lot from our early morning photo shoot and have planned another trip in February to a coastal location in East Kent.

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