EKOH 2019

October 2019: Design of East Kent Open Houses 2019 (EKOH) marketing material.

The EKOH project starts in Spring with the design of posters for print and social media use. Follow this I get started on the EKOH booklet – the process involves transferring all artists’ contact information from the EKOH website and feeding it into the booklet design. Maps are also needed, I use Illustrator to draw and/or modify them to show locations of artists’ locations.

This year we selected yellow for the main colour on the marketing material – a good (and popular) choice as it works well with the design.

Booklets, once finalised, are sent to print and 10,000 are produced for each of the areas to use for promotion. Posters, flyers, banners and Artists’ house numbers are also designed / printed. This project runs over three weekends in October, is large in scale and is well attended. There are over 90 places showing art this year.

Our house was set out as a gallery and we opened over the three weekends. Visitors have been very complimentary about the artworks in our house.

If you would like to find out more please visit the website (address below):

East Kent Artists’ Open Houses

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