Harrisons photo shoot

May 2024: Harrisons employee photo shoot, Sittingbourne, Kent.

Recent photo shoot at Harrison’s head office, in Sittingbourne, Kent of newly recruited new members of staff who needed portraits taken for the website, etc.

The office has a large glass window, with a seating area by a large map on one of the walls. This seemed like the natural place for the portraits to be taken.

I generally like to take portrait photos with a mix of poses; where the subject stands square-on to the camera, then with a slight turn to the left and finally, with a slight turn to the right. For these portraits, I used a Profoto B10 light on a stand, with a reflector positioned just out of shot. The window also gave lots of natural light (from the right hand side).

I also took a few shots of the Faversham Monopoly board, with a game in progress The game was abandoned shortly after the photos were taken.

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