MindForward Alliance event

May 2024: MindForward Alliance ‘Global Thriving at Work’ Awards event, London.

My client, MindForward Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation transforming workplace mental health.

This was a very busy commission which was well planned by the client. My preparation was key – as I was given a thorough brief of events and a list of photos needed. A comprehensive client brief is not usually supplied, so it was a great help for my preparation prior to the event.

Shots requested included close ups of the award trophies (individual and group), networking photos of people mingling (wide angle and close up), hosts on stage, auditorium with audience (wide angle and close ups), people clapping, action photos of winners walking up onto stage, being handed their trophy, close up of winners and hosts, of winners without hosts (wide angle and close up).

Due to the large amount of things happening in a relatively short time, I needed to make sure I had everything listed, in readiness for the event. Below is a photo of a set of handwritten postcards I made, with notes on the order of events, what photos are needed and style tips (ie close ups or wide angle shots). I was also given a lanyard with a name card to wear, this was a nice touch, as I often ask attendees if I can take their photo – it helps they know I am part of the event / working for the organiser.

For the initial part of the evening where guests arrived for drinks and cold canapés, then took their places in the auditorium, I took a mixture of candid and posed photographs.

The main part of the event was located in an auditorium, where presentations and the awards ceremony took place.

The event was very well planned and it was great to work at. Speeches, award presentations and the guest celebrity portions of the evening went well and were great to photograph. Due to taking a quick succession of photographs of award winners collecting their award with and without the hosts, the pace of photographs needed was demanding.

The event had a celebrity guest of honour – Rory Bremner, who announced and presented each of the awards. After the awards ceremony, there was a comedy interlude. This was great to capture, it’s always good to see audience reactions, particularly laughter.

An initial set of photos was needed for posting on social media – ones with the winners collecting their awards. This was done (downloading and formatting photos) by 12pm the next day. These were electronically sent to the client by the deadline. All other event images were formatted and send later on.

The last part of the evening took place back in the foyer, outside the auditorium. Hosts and guests had a chance to mingle and network with each other, they even got a chance to meet and talk with the celebrity.

The event was great to work at. This was the second time I have photographed the MindForward Alliance awards ceremony.

Please follow the link below to view their website: mindforward alliance

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