Faversham – Market day

November 2017: Today I got up early – 7am, unheard of on a Saturday! I went into town with camera, three lenses and flash, and took photos around the market. Today’s market is the ‘Best of Faversham Market’ and there are a lot more stalls in the town than on a usual market day.

My aim was to photograph market stall holders and people in the town but I could not help myself when I saw these dogs – they are always great to photograph.

I spoke with one market stall holder Yvonne Rigby (owner of CKJ Artisan) who had created a number of these lovely glass Robins. She had individually named each one, the one in the photo below is called ‘Paris’ due to the fact it has longer legs then the other Robins – Yvonne associates Paris with supermodels and therefore long legs!

More photos will be added to this blog over the next few weeks.

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