Alsace: Positively Free From Event

June 2016: My brief was to photograph the speakers, guests and surroundings of the event. The objective of the event was to boost positive feeling and good health amongst people with the Coeliac condition.


Lorraine King (Alsace Baking) who is the chef at Creek Creative’s Gallery Kitchen Cafe organises monthly awareness events where a wide range of topics are covered. The number of the group (attending) each month is growing and this month’s turnout really enjoyed the event.


I took a range of images of the event, downloaded, formatted and added them to my website gallery. The link was then sent to the client for use within their website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

In the last year or so I have done a lot of design and photographic work for Alsace Baking / the Positively Free From and Coeliac Community Group and it is great to continue with commissions from this client which helps promote awareness for such a worthwhile cause.


The guests felt that the presentation made them feel positive, energised and very beneficial to get together with others who have the Coeliac condition.


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