‘Free From’ folder design

April 2018: Promotional ‘Free From’ folder contents (design work) for Chef Lorraine King who is based in the Gallery Kitchen Cafe at Creek Creative, Faversham.

The brief was to design / produce a set of contents pages for a neat looking folder / ring binder.

The binder has been passed onto a local doctors’ surgery for patients who have dietary conditions to review. It will encourage these patients to join the ‘Free From’ coffee mornings that happen every last Thursday of the month at Creek Creative in Faversham, Kent.

I gave this job a lot of thought as the folder content needed to be not only clear and easy to understand but to show off the awards, recipe cards, photos of food and attendees of the previous coffee morning events and more.

Lastly I added attendee comments on the final page. It was a good project to work on and the final result looks neat. The client is over the moon with the look of it and feels it is perfect for generating interest and encouraging new people to attend the monthly events.

If you wish to know more about the group / events please go to www.PFFACC.com

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