Sketching in ink

November 2019: Pen and ink sketches. Cyprus: Paphos Harbour, Kato Paphos and Kourion (near Limassol).

It was great to get back to good old fashioned sketching when away in Cyprus on holiday, it’s been a while! One nice thing is time totally slows down when sketching.

It’s also great as you really get to grips with the details in a scene or on a building. Whilst sketching the Castle (below) I didn’t realise that there were a few people stood behind me watching the sketch develop, and one of them asked to take a photo with their phone so they could put it on Instagram. This made me laugh!

Nearly everywhere you look the scenery is great and the light good. Ideal conditions.

I’ll continue adding pen and ink sketches to my sketch book now I am back home, starting with Faversham (probably in the market square). If you would like to join me I am more than happy have company.

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Photo: Paul Garcia

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