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January 2020: Photo for social media / website news article: Allen & Overy LLP.

The brief was to take photos of the subjects together either in conversation or looking at the camera. The client selected the location for the photoshoot and expressed brand (website) guidelines, white text had to be legible on the area to the left of the subjects.

There were three potential spots within the location to take the photos; I took photos with the subjects against a blue background, in an atrium area and finally sat at a table. Although the photo shoot seemed straight forward I didn’t bargain on the light issues at one end of the room and the sun being so low in the sky at the other end of the room. I crouched down to get a shot at a better (more interesting angle) only to get dazzled by the sun! The shot didn’t work, however, after taking a set of images at a higher angle I crouched down one more time just as the sun went behind a cloud, this made for a stronger image.

All images were sent to the client for review. I gave my preference for which images I felt worked the best. They went with the selected image which needed slight Photoshop work (burning in). This was done on the left hand side so that white text was legible.

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